What We Do




Working closely with your people, we ensure your organization's long-term success by sharing knowledge, offering hands-on training and implementing best practices throughout your enterprise.



We develop and deploy proven solutions that align with your corporate objectives and maximize your resources while remaining respectful of your budgetary concerns. We offer practical advice and knowledge that makes a real difference in your results.



There is one truism in business: Results matter. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that produce sustainable, measurable results where they matter most: in your bottom line.

Social Responsibility


Your achievement of greatness gives you good reason to celebrate. After all, it takes great personal and organizational strength to dig deep and find the fortitude and commitment to stay the course. When you've earned greatness, mark the milestone and enjoy it!

We celebrate diversity in our client base. We work across all types of industries, and with clients of all kinds, including:
  • Substantial multinational corporations
  • Foremost private equity firms
  • Midsize companies
  • Nonprofits
The common thread linking our clients is that they all are motivated by, and respond to, the animating spirit that is the essence of Animus. Animus clients:

  • Are focused and committed to growth and prosperity.
  • Are not satisfied to rest on their past accomplishments.
  • Express a strong desire to be tested and refined in order to evolve and grow.
  • Respect frank discussion and candor in opinions.
In every client engagement, we dialogue with the executive team, seeking a deeper understanding of their perspectives on the company and its performance. We then dig through data and analyze facts and figures in our quest to develop an objective opinion. This guides us in proposing solutions based in reality, solutions that are tailored to the specific goals and objectives of the clients. Our aim in every action, suggestion, plan, strategy and decision is simply this: To inspire our clients to press on in the achievement of greatness.