One of the benefits of being a leading global consulting company is that we get to work with a variety of successful companies across a broad range of industries. Here is a listing of our industry expertise:

& Defense

Helping meet the challenge of evaluating their effectiveness and efficiencies on a continuing basis.

Financial Services

Money matters- and saving it is sometimes as important as making it. Targeting specific areas such as performance improvement, compliance and risk management, looking for cost savings.

Retail & Distribution

More than ever before, consumers face a wealth of choices. The challenge for retailers is to meet the demand while ensuring product distribution across multiple channels.

Infrastructure/ Transportation

As the marketplace becomes simultaneously more global and urban, key segments of these industries such as mass transportation and infrastructure companies are facing enormous challenges.


In a fiercely competitive market, companies strive for dominance as they struggle with regulatory issues and other challenges to quality and service.

Social and Public Sector

In a global economy, nonprofit, government and higher education sectors play key roles impacting the lives of many while grappling with extreme challenges.

Hi Tech

In technology, innovation is both a key to growth and a threat to be neutralized with a competing technology. This presents hi tech companies with tremendous challenges in the current economy.

& Mining

In this long-standing, traditional industry, companies face making hard decisions regarding mergers, organizational issues and performance improvement.

Consumer Goods and Svcs

With a focus on growing across all industry segments, including food, beverages, home, apparel, and consumer health, companies here look for guidance and good decision-making.

Media & Entertainment

With technology platforms rapidly evolving and new business models emerging, consumer viewing habits are changing. This increases the competition for increasingly scarce consumer expendable income.

& Ulities

Utility companies everywhere face common challenges. These include the distribution of supplies, rising costs, evolving technologies and growing environmental concerns.

Hospitality & Leisure

As an industry coping with the pressure of broad change, companies face complex concerns in marketing, operational issues, heightened customer expectations and more.

Professional Services Firms

Companies struggle for dominance in an industry where credibility, quality, service and process improvement issues abound.


The main struggle facing this industry is finding the next breakout technology. Currently, there is one dominant company in terms of market share and value, followed by a host of imitators.